Tube system insulation

One focus of the Wulfmeyer product portfolio are tube system insulators for various configurations of water supply pipes in aircraft. The main benefits of these PE shaped parts are:

  • precise shaping according to the application area specifications
  • extremely low material weight
  • highly effective thermal insulation
  • easy to process
  • resistant to mechanical and chemical influences (i.e. Skydrol, Dinitrol)
  • durable form stability, even with changing climatic environmental conditions.

Insulation bodies for highly effective thermal insulation of tube systems in the supply and sanitary areas of aircrafts are based on CFC-free closed- and fine-celled polyethylene foam. For this reason they are non-aging and very easy to process. Assembly can be performed with hook & loop tape or adhesive tape.

Wulfmeyer‘s flexible production concept allows for a nearly unlimited product and form variety, offering optimal solutions even for complex tasks.

Further information: Technical documentation for download