A team of like-minded people - as versatile as the requirements of the aircraft industry

Bulk goods »off the rack«, are an exception when building and outfitting aircraft. Rather, a complex system of highly precise, coordinated individual components characterizes the production concept - from relatively small quantities to »batch size 1«.

Aside from expertise, suppliers are also required to display a high degree of flexibility and reliability. The company structure and service portfolio of Rudolf Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior GmbH & Co. KG reflects exactly this requirement profile - a flat hierarchy, a consistent internal open-door-policy, and a broad spectrum of qualifications amongst the teams, complemented by production facilities programmed for flexibility.

Organizational chart

Established partner of the aviation industry

Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interior has been an established provider of lightweight technologies for aircraft manufacturing for over 60 years and is a certified development and production company according to EASA Part-21G and EN/AS 9100. The consistent alignment of the service portfolio to safety instructions and quality standards is based on national Federal Aviation Authority regulations and internationally regulated EASA and FAA standards. As a recognized supplier for the aviation industry Wulfmeyer has relevant certificates and is considered one of the traditional Airbus partners.