From the idea to technical perfection

Our main expertise is the development, production and supply of components for aircraft manufacturing. Innovative development work by Wulfmeyer which skillfully combines creativity with an eye for feasibility, led repeatedly to higher design quality of aircraft interior products. This includes the development of special adhesives as well as the sandwich-system for NTF and closed-cell insulation foam, which particularly consistently meet the specific requirements of aviation. In fact, Wulfmeyer maintains a market-leading position in these areas.

High flexibility spectrum production

From the first step to delivery, Wulfmeyer products follow a quality- oriented and flexible process flow within the technical and administrative parameters specified in the customer order. CAD/CAM-integrated production processes, a comprehensive information system, and a high level of staff qualification and motivation serve as a basis for the realization of highly flexible production strategies within this structure. In this way, Wulfmeyer masters a production spectrum covering any batch size - from serial production to economic supply of special solutions in even the lowest quantities.

An inherent part of all workflows are quality control routines, ensuring a 100 percent inspection.

Production and test processes

The production technology spectrum includes:

  • water jet cutting, contour cutting, splitting, stamping, cutting, milling
  • Laminating, welding
  • Adhesive coating of broad goods and tapes
  • Mixing and evacuating adhesives and other liquid media
  • Vacuum pressing with temperature control

Wulfmeyer carries out testing in their own state-of-the art inspection facilities; for example: smoke density, toxicity as well as flammability, i.e. »12 sec. vertical, flame propagation«.

Wulfmeyer Aircraft Interiors also provides production, testing and control processes as a separate service to their business partners.

Success factor independence ...

Independence is a significant component of the workflow structures. In the central production facility, all processing stations are located „under the same roof“. There is a constant dialogue between departments and the management. This dialogue, in combination with staff qualification, allows the flexibility to set or even eliminate boundaries, depending on the respective task assignment. This concept also derives its success from extremely low staff fluctuation.

... and a future-proof aspect of co-operation

Independence represents yet another dimension for Wulfmeyer; namely entrepreneurial freedom due to autonomy. Our motivation is long-term stability by concentrating on our main expertise, rather than on size by shareholding structures. This strategy has been validated by more then 50 years of consistent company development.

Unifying goals

Fair co-operation results in trust which is characterized by mutual respect and the ability to rely on each other even in difficult situations. Mutual trust in the respective core competencies is of the utmost importance, especially in a safety- conscious industry like aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and operation. We particularly appreciate the intensive co-operation with common goals when communicating with our customers and suppliers and would like to express our gratitude to our business partners at this point.