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In the early 90’s the Wulfmeyer team developed a process and a particularly suitable adhesive which prevents natural shrinkage and bubbling in aircraft PVC top layers. 

This process was later named »Wulfmeyer Process« by Airbus, qualified by same in 1998 and became standard for the installation of PVC top layers in new aircraft.

Since 1992, Wulfmeyer has attracted operators of Boeing aircraft and business jets as customers and, services a mixed fleet today.

The NTFs (Non Textile Flooring) are continuously being further developed. Aside from regulatory requirements Wulfmeyer particularly focuses on durability and weight. The NTFs produced in the Wulfmeyer Process provide further usage and economic potential for the fitting and operation of aircraft:

  • avoids corrosion of the underlying aircraft structure
  • significantly reduces maintenance costs
  • longer life cycles, reduced downtimes, lower repair costs
  • extended preservation of aesthetic appeal

Wulfmeyer holds a special market position with this development.

The Wulfmeyer Process

The surface material and a reinforcement (phenolic resin laminate) are bonded in a special process (Wulfmeyer Process). This »sandwich«-process gives the flooring, which is particularly suited for passenger decks, entrance, galley and lavatory areas, significant advantages over conventional NTF:

  • No shrinkage: The form stability of the waterproof floor covering ensures a tight alignment with seams, hems and sealing of outer edges. It thereby prevents the penetration of moisture and aggressive matter. This mainly prevents corrosion in the structure situated below.
  • No bubbling: The Wulfmeyer Process bonds the sandwich layers without air pockets, and the laminate’s homogeneous contact surface enhances installation on the floor panels. These characteristics along with the special adhesive prevent a “bubbling-effect”. This means that the surface remains plane even under the influence of constant “climate changes” (temperature, humidity, air pressure).

Wulfmeyer Process NTF’s are available in a broad spectrum of colours and surface structures.

Further Information:
NTF Wulfmeyer Process (NTF Data)
NTF Wulfmeyer Process (NTF)


Applicationaircraft flooring for galleys, entrance areas and lavatories
Materialsandwich of NTF surface layer/reaction adhesive/laminate
Colour & Weightvarious, see NTF catalogue
Thicknessup to 3.7 mm
Dimension (mm)
width x length
1500 x 2400, 1000 x 3500, 1300 x 3500, 1000 x 5100, 1500 x 5100
Toleranceswidth ± 5 mm, length ± 5 mm
Dimension StabilityEN434, test with 70 °C, after 168 h
RequirementShrinkage respectively stretch in any direction ≤ 0.2 %
CurlingEN434, test with 70 °C, after 168 h
RequirementChanging of flatness ≤ 10 mm
Impact testin accordance with ISO6603-1
Abrasion testin accordance with ISO9352
High Quality NTF
Technical specification no.:2520M1F020200
The assembly has to fulfil the Fireworthiness Requirements according to ABD0031 and FAR 25.853 (b) App. F, part I, amdt. 91
Test methods:
Flammability according toAITM 2.0002B
Smoke Density according toAITM 2.0007B
Toxicity according toAITM 3.0005
Basic Quality NTF
Technical specification no.:2520M1F020300
The assembly has to fulfil the Fireworthiness Requirements according to FAR 25.853 (b) app. F, part I, amdt. 91 and JAR 25.853 (a) app. F, part I, change 14
Test method:
Flammability according toAITM 2.0002B