Wulfmeyer NTF: elegant in design and tough in application – a floor covering, precisely developed for aviation, setting industry standards worldwide

Non Textile Floor (NTF) sandwich sheets, manufactured since 1998 with the „Wulfmeyer Process“, have defined an industry standard for the first outfit by one of the largest aircraft OEM‘s. Today our NTF product is still a major standard for the aircraft OEM‘s first outfit, but is also installed new by aircraft operators, MRO‘s and completion centers worldwide. Wulfmeyer processed NTF‘s utilize a wide variety of NTF top layer designs and laminates from worldwide leading companies and an in-house exclusively developed adhesive and lamination process.

Our final product, which is available in various sheet sizes, will provide floorboard corrosion prevention by the almost full elimination of NTF top layer shrinkage. Welded seams and silicone seals stay intact longer. Furthermore, depending on the selection of top layer and laminate combinations, it can also significantly reduce bubbling and telegraphing, while conforming to all safety regulations, both of the aircraft OEM and authorities (ABD0031 and FAR 25.853).

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NTF according to the Wulfmeyer process:

The »Wulfmeyer Process«: special »sandwich process« for NTF with effective corrosion prevention

  1. NTF Surface Layer
  2. Adhesive (Wulfmeyer process)
  3. Composite Backing Material
  4. Moisture Barrier Foil
  5. Floor Panel

»Hard wearing«: floor coverings in aircraft require a complex and highly-demanding property profile. Robust materials, solid workmanship, and a lasting aesthetic appearance must not be mutually exclusive.

  • corrosion prevention for floorboards
  • longer life cycle & reduced cost of ownership
  • no or significantly reduced waving, bubbling, telegraphing (crew&passenger safety, aesthetic)
  • huge selection of NTF top layer designs
  • most Wulfmeyer NTF P/N‘s are available with EASA Form One documentation

Carpet Underlay:

High quality carpets and NTF are the order of the day but travelers are rarely aware of the role that foam plays in achieving this end. Underneath carpets, foam materials are augmenting that important quality feel, while having the physical properties to meet mechanical performance requirements and the stringent aviation regulatory standards.

All current PVC materials, in a variety of structures and designs, are suitable for use with the Wulfmeyer Process. Here a selection of design examples: