PE and PVDF shaped foam parts 3D

Underfloor function units, such as pumps, drives, etc., generally require an insulation against several parallel acting influences. High-precision production of these components is necessary in order to meet all thermal, acoustic, and mechanical requirements.

This is all the more a challenge in terms of design and production, as these are mainly complex formations. An enormous amount of “intolerance” is required, because the shapes are subjected to a large number of external influencing factors during flight operations.

Depending on the task, Wulfmeyer processes high-quality PE foams or PVDF foams. As a rule, the custom-made precision moldings form negative shells of the objects to be insulated in many cases and the shape complexity is virtually unlimited.

According to the requirements of the application fields, easy-to-open and re-closable access points can be integrated for maintenance work.

It goes without saying that only materials of low weight are used here. In addition, moldings for thermal insulation, sound insulation, shock and vibration protection require permanent dimensional stability and accuracy.

Further information: Technical documentation for download