Hook & Loop Connections

There is no question that the development of highly effective hook and loop connections for aeronautics requires a special combination of chemical and physical properties.

This was the starting point of what later became „Bond-C“, Wulfmeyer‘s hook & loop tape product in non and self-adhesive versions and in accordance with ABS1236.

Wulfmeyer Hook & Loop (BOND-C) fasteners are designed for long service life and a high opening and closing frequency.

A variety of uses: Wulfmeyer manufactures Hook & Loop (BOND-C) tapes on demand in any required amount and in various versions.

without color and color code E
(color 1009)
light grey and similar to RAL 7038

color code A
(color 1002)
black (similar to RAL 9011)

color code B
(color 1048)
sapphire blue (similar to RAL 5003)

color code C
(color 1008)
basalt grey (similar to RAL 7012)

color code F
(color 1029)
beige (similar to RAL 1001)

Core features:

  • Customized – even for low quantities 
  • extreme adhesive strength of the contact surfaces
  • Top quality of the hook & loop closures for long durability and high opening/closing frequency
  • Available as non and self-adhesive version
  • Different width and colors available
  • In accordance with ABS1236 and FAR25.853

Aside from a comfortable and safe fastening of curtains, seat cushions and covers, Wulfmeyer hook & loop is also suitable for fastening installations and insulation materials.

Hook & Loop Tape

non self adhesive
ABS1236A/B & DAN98 Part 1
self adhesive
ABS1236C/D & DAN98 Part 2
Material-Spec.AIMS 04-19-005A/BAIMS 04-19-004A/B
Hook TapeP/N 748 xx yyP/N 752 xx yy
Loop TapeP/N 749 xx yyP/N 753 xx yy
xx = colouryy = width
Applicationscabin interior
Dimension, roll width20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm and 50 mm
Dimension, roll length25 m or 50 m25 m or 50 m
Weight20 mm = 12
25 mm = 14 g
30 mm = 16 g
50 mm = 25 g
g 20 mm = 20 g
25 mm = 25 g
30 mm = 30 g
50 mm = 45 g
Peel strength
(self adhesive on CRES)
Hook min. 35 N/25mm
Loop min. 35 N/25mm
Maximum forceHook 200 N/25mm
Loop 200 N/25mm
Flammabilitymeets the requirements of AITM 2.0002B

Further information: Technical features for download